OCS Glossary

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A quantity of service units (seconds, SMS, kB or cents) included in a product.

The current remaining quantity of service units (seconds, SMS, kB or cents) of a subscription.

A catalog holds list of products available for a particular CoS (group of subscribers).

Class oService regroups subscribers sharing a common set of parameters on the OCS for example, product catalog, rate card, notifications scheme, etc…

Prepaid credit is stored in subscriber’s wallet and can be used to buy a product or to call out-of-bundle destinations (ex : premium, international, roaming).

OCS/Prepaid platform
Online Charging System is the telecom industry appellation to refer to a real-time platform which charge the subscribers based on their service usage.

You can see an option as a choice given to a subscriber which may modify the behavior of his connectivity service. Think of it as a setting toggle on your smart phone!

Data Safeguard
The EU’s 2009 Roaming Regulation (N° 544/2009) required mobile operators to offer their customers, as of March 2010 (IP/10/215), the possibility to set their own monthly cut-off price limit for data roaming via mobile phone or a computer.
From 1st July 2010, if customers have not chosen a different cut-off level, operators will have to impose a monthly default cut-off for data roaming of €50/£45 excluding VAT.

Payment provider
Defines how products are paid. Depending on the type of service offered, and the contract signed with Transatel, the list of available payment providers may vary.

You can see a product as a type of service plan Transatel real-time platform (OCS) can offer. There are several product categories such as recurring plan, one-off plan or add-on. Please refer to your product portfolio documentation for more details.

Add-on product
Also known as bolt-on, allows to boost the current allowance of an active recurring product to extend service usage.

One-off product
A product that gives a one-time amount of service units (allowance) valid for a limited amount of time.

Recurring product
A product which renews itself every configured period of time. It can have an expiration date (fixed number of renewals) or be unlimited in time.

Stands for Real-time Controlled Postpaid, commercial option to make use of Transatel OCS to meter and cap service usage when the subscriber plan is exhausted or expired.

A subscriber refers to a line or a SIM card

When a product is subscribed and assigned to one subscriber, it becomes a subscription. Subscriptions are then stored in a subscriber inventory identified by his MSISDN.

A specific subscription that holds prepaid credit.

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