Plans & Bundles

Adding SIM cards to a pooled bundle

Activating a new SIM on a pooled bundle
If you are activating a brand-new SIM from the Available status, it will be added immediately to the pool.
The amount of data the new SIM add to the pool is prorated based on the activation date – so the new SIM does not bring a “full” bundle during its first month.
As such, the pool will immediately increase from the contribution of the new SIM.
Note: If your SIMs had used all the data in the pool, and were consuming out-of-bundle, they will now be back to in-bundle consumption, as the new SIM expanded the pool.

Migrating an already active SIM to a pooled bundle

– Rate Plan changes are processed at the end of the month.
If you have a SIM on another Rate Plan (in Pay Per Use, or on another Pooled bundle’s Rate Plan) that you want to add to the pool, you need to transfer it to a new Service Profile using the right pooled bundle as Rate Plan.
The change of Service Profile will be immediate, but the SIM will only start using the new Rate Plan at the beginning of the following month.

If you want to remove a SIM from the pool and migrate it to another Rate Plan, it will also be from the next month onwards.

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