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Switching bundles during a month cycle

This article applies to Transatel MVNOs who buy wholesale bundles from Transatel.

If your subscriber is switched to another bundle during the course of the month, the
allowances flow according to priorities.

Here is an example of a subscriber who is switched from a 3GB bundle to a 10GB bundle on the 15th of the month (presuming the month is 30 days):

Priority 1 – the 3GB bundle allowance is applied until completion
Priority 2 – the 10GB bundle’s allowance is applied pro-rata to 5GB on the 15th of the month, which is 50% of the remaining month left. After the 3GB have been used, your subscriber will start using their 5GB from the new bundle
Priority 3 – if the 5GB is completly used up, your subscriber will be charged out of bundle charges
according to the 10GB tariff

NB: In this scenario, the subscriber effectively has 8GB of allowance, before out of bundle charges will be applied for the 10GB bundle.

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