Plans & Bundles

Pricing models of our IoT offers

Our offers use different types of plans and bundles, and the way to manage them can be very different.
This page will list the types of plans and bundles, and direct you to the right page to learn how to manage them

Pricing model of our IoT offers
Our IoT offers use the following types of pricing models:

Pooled bundles
With pooled bundles, each new SIM added to the pool “brings” more data to the total pool
ex: 4 SIMs on a 1GB pool means a global data pool of 4GB, and adding another SIM will bring the pool to 5GB
(Note: a newly activated SIM does bring a full volume of data, the amount is prorated based on the date on the month).
To add a SIM to a pooled bundle, you must activate it or migrate it to a Service Profile using the rate plan corresponding to the pooled bundle.
Click here to learn more on pooled bundles, and here to find out how to switch a SIM to a new rate plan.

Capped bundles
Capped bundles are added to each SIM. They have a specific allowance, validity period and covered locations, and they can be recurring or not.
Adding a capped bundle to a SIM is done in the SIM’s detailed page, in the “Plan and options” tab
Click here to learn more on the management of capped bundles in the interface

Pay per Use
Pay per Use is the easiest pricing model to implement. The SIM just needs to be on a Service Profile using a Pay per Use rate plan, and all traffic will be charged at the rate corresponding to the location/destination.

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