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Service Provider Connect – Offer specificities

In the Service Provider Connect offer, you are able to add data plans to your SIMs as long as your account has enough prepaid credit.

This article will explain how to check your account’s balance, and how to add bundles to a SIM

How to check your prepaid credit’s current balance?

Checking your balance is very easy – but only users with the Admin right will have access to the menu.

In the interface, click on the Admin menu (the wheel icon) and go to Account information

This new window will appear.
Your account’s balance is displayed in the last field of the “Key information” section, “Customer account balance” :

How to add a data plan to a SIM?

We have articles explaining:
Everything you need to know about our capped plans
How to add a capped plan to a SIM
How to manage capped bundles on a SIM
Just remember that you will need to select “Monthly invoice” as Payment method

If the remaining balance is too low, an error will be displayed at the bottom explaining that the transaction couldn’t be processed due to insufficient credit.

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