Static IP solutions

Our static IP solutions for remote access

Note: Our remote access solutions are open to our France Full clients and IoT clients.

When do I need remote access?

With M2M use cases, SIM cards are usually designed to initiate connectivity to send information to a server.
The other way around is also required for many ‘push’ use cases, where the server initiates connectivity to send information to the SIM.
For example, if you need to manage the maintenance of a device remotely in the event of a breakdown, or if you frequently need to receive information about the status of a connected device from several sources.

How can static IP address help me reach my devices?

SIM cards use dynamic IP addresses by default. The IP changes every time your device goes on the internet, meaning you are not able to reach it remotely from another device.
Static (or fixed) IP address can solve this problem: the IP stays the same every time you connect your device to the network, using a SIM card. This enables two-way communication between two SIMs or one SIM and your server or an integrated device with a SIM, as well as locating your devices easily. This allows for communication between multiple of your devices.
SIM cards can use either a public or private static IP address based on the technical and business requirements of your IoT project: data security, ease of configuration and use, cloud or on-site hosting and more.

What remote access solutions does Transatel offer?

We have one of the largest remote access product catalogs on the market that includes solutions based on both public and private static IP addresses. They allow you to have a two-way communication with your devices using your server or another device equipped with our SIM card.

Our offers include turnkey solutions with Internet access, perfect for site-to-site interconnections and corporate networks, or for two-way communication from one of your Transatel SIMs to another, removing the need for more costly integration.

We also offer private interconnection solutions, that are not visible over the Internet, using either a dedicated physical circuit, by VPN or in the Cloud, all from a centralized server. These solutions never compromise the security and management of your internal network: secure from end-to-end.

Why choose Transatel for my remote access needs?

Our remote access solutions allow you to choose the best option to match your specific technical and business requirements: fleet size, data security, cloud or on-site hosting, frequent or occasional usage and more.

At Transatel, we assign IPs directly to your Transatel SIM cards: one SIM card for one IP address. This guarantees a clean and transparent solution.

The MVNO can activate ‘High-Usage’ thresholds to avoid the overuse of data on the SIM that has the Fixed Static IP activated. Fair usage policy does not apply to this option.
To find out how to create and manage your High-Usage alerts, see our articles here.

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