Smart Barring

What is Smart Barring?

Smart barring is a feature from Transatel which blocks all subscriber communications apart from oubound calls. These can be routed to a number of the MVNO’s choice.

Which services are blocked?

Smart barring does the following
– National data: blocked
– National outbound SMS: blocked
– National inbound SMS: open (so you can still notify your subscriber!)
– National outbound calls: re-routed
– National inbound calls: blocked
– Roaming services: blocked

What can it be used for?

Smart barring’s main purpose is for debt recovery purposes. For example, if a subscriber hasn’t paid their bill, their services are blocked and if they try to make a call, they will be redirected to the payments team.
However, each MVNO is unique, and you can design your own use-cases and purposes for the smart barring feature.

How do I configure my smart barring long number?

The number to which we route the outbound call must be a long number (geographic, mobile or business number) managed by the MVNO.
During the setup phase, we request your desired Smart Barring long number to configure for your MVNO account.
If you want to change this or hadn’t requested it, simply log a ticket on the service desk.

How do I provision Smart Barring?

Smart Barring can be provisioned per subscriber on Auriga under “Network Barrings”:

It can also be provisioned using the Connectvity Management API. Check out your options in Auriga under Catalogue > Options:

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