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Rated Call Detail Records (Rated CDRs)

Rated CDRs are one of the 2 types of CDRs generated by Transatel.
These CDR files are generated by our Wholesale Billing engine.
The Wholesale Billing engine takes the NRT CDR generated every few minutes by our Real Time engine, calculates and adds wholesale billing charges for each line, then generates a new, enriched file every 30 minutes.

This type of CDR is not available to customers on MVNE (Enabler) frameworks, where the billing is performed by the local carrier and not by Transatel

You can find them on your Transatel SFTP directory, which is also accessible in our SIM Management Platform in the menu Tracking & reports >Report Files and in the Rated CDRs section :

What do they contain?

Rated CDRs contain less usage details than Near Real Time CDR details, but they include additional information from the Billing engine’s calculations such as:
–          If the traffic is in bundle, out of bundle
–          Details of the rate plan applied
–          The charge calculated for the record
and much more!

The following file lists the full details of all fields available in the Rated CDRs:

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