Raising a ticket for roaming queries

If you are experiencing a problem with one or more SIMs that have had problems either receiving the Welcome SMS, or have problems in roaming, you can use the Service Desk to raise a ticket so that our support teams can investigate.
To make sure that Support have all of the information required and don’t need to come back to ask if you have performed all of the initial checks, we ask you to complete the template below.

Roaming Template

– Detailed description:
– VLR:
– When did it last work?:
– Is the issue intermittent or persistent?:
– Customers location (town / country):
– Roaming correctly provisioned:
– Roaming partner networks tried:
– Volume of users impacted:
– Handset make / model:
– 2way SIM Swap Results if possible (please include device make/model/IMEI and when):
– What technology used (2G / 3G / 4G?):
– Stay period at roaming location:
– Examples including time/date/postcode/B party MSISDN (or A party if inbound issue)/B party
network and error:

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