How to integrate our APIs?

This page will explain all you need to know to start integrating our API methods to manage your SIMs directly from your own interface.

How to find API information?
The Transatel Developer Portal is where you’ll find all API resources, including:
– All you need to know on how to integrate our APIs,
– The links to the API reference for each specific API method

How to get API credentials

API credentials are given to you if you have requested them when your account was created. If that was not the case, contact your account manager or service manager, and we’ll create credentials quickly.

How to find your service’s specific options for the API calls
All the options’ values can be found in the Catalogue > Options menu of the SIM management platform

There you will be able to find all the technical names to pass in your API calls for each option
Here is an example for one of our IoT generic offers :

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