User rights

In our interface, a right is the access to a minor feature or action.
There are many rights, as we let you decide exactly what each user should or should not be able to do.

This is why critical actions such as terminating a SIM card (an action that cannot be reversed) is a separate from other status changes (activating a SIM, suspending a SIM…), so that only the right people in your organization have this power.
We also provide many features in “read” and “write” versions, to let you decide which users should be allowed to only view information, or edit it.

Also, please remember that according to our user account architecture, to be able to access the menu where an action can be performed, the user account must possess the right scopes. (Scopes give access to macro features / menus)
For example, if a user has the right to create other users, but does not posses the Admin scope, they will not be able to reach the new user creation page.

In the user management pages, rights are split into the following categories:
– UAA : rights related to user administration
– Network: rights related to checking usages, using diagnostic tools, and accessing usage reports
– Provisioning: rights related to SIM management: activation, services modification, portability…
– Customer: rights related to the SIM/subscriber details, accessing report files
– Billing: rights related to the rated CDRs, invoices, and financial details
– OCS: rights related to managing and subscribing to services & plans,

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