API integration

Which APIs and interfaces do I need?

This article will explain which API methods I can integrate as a Full MVNO in France.
This explanations will be based on Transatel’s developers portal, which holds all our API references.

How can I integrate Transatel’s APIs ?

In order to get started on your France Full MVNO, first you can integrate Transatel’s APIs by obtaining access tokens using our Authentication API.

The access tokens can be obtained by sending a request using the login and password that were given to you by your Project Manager, during the launch of your MVNO.

Which APIs should I integrate?

Once this is done, you can then integrate multiple Transatel APIs.

1. The Connectivity Management API:

The Connectivity Management API includes the following features that will interest you:

Subscriber management: manage a subscriber’s lifecycle and modify its rateplan or options.
This feature includes:
SIM card information: retrieve information about a given SIM card, such as PUK and PIN
Contact information management: update information about your subscriber’s contact details
Transaction information: retrieve information about a given transaction

Portability management: manage the numbers of your end users.

Event management: generate events related to your subscribers lifecycle and their portability.
They can then be pushed to your platform by creating webhooks, using our Webhook API, that will allow you to send end-user notifications or facilitate your workflow.

2. The SIM Management API:

This will allow you to manage eSIM carrier profiles and consult their status.

3. The Online Charging System (OCS) API:

This will allow you to manage and control the usage of your SIMs in real-time.

4. The Network API, which includes:

– Network attach: gain the history of location updates and the ability to trigger a network detach.
– Data session: access information on current active data session of your SIMs
SMS-A2P: send on-net SMS to your subscribers, for example to let them know of a promotional offer.

Why choose APIs?

All of Transatel’s offers can be managed via our SIM Management Platform. However, you may want to connect your MVNO SIMs to your own systems (or your BSS).

This will allow you to:
– centralise all your internal interfaces in one place and using a unique tool
– automate actions and processes, such as automatically sending an SMS to the end-user when a bundle has been renewed

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