SIM Management​

SIM Lifecycle

What is the SIM Lifecycle
The SIM Lifecycle is as follows:

What are the Statuses?

These SIMs have been attributed to the MVNO, and are ready to be activated.
At this stage, the SIM will neither attach to a network, nor allow communications.
Available SIMs can only be activated.
To suspend or terminate these SIMs, they must first be activated.

These SIMs have been activated on Transatel’s and BT/EE’s networks. They will allow communications according to the services provisioned (data, SMS, voice calls…).
Activated SIMs can be suspended or terminated directly.

Suspended SIMs will no longer allow communications, but their resources, configurations or services remain attributed and configured for the subscriber. i.e. suspending a subscriber does not remove to pause the subscribers bundles.
Suspended SIMs can be re-activated or terminated.

Terminated SIMs have been removed from the networks. The resources attributed to these SIMs (MSISDN, IMSI…) will be “quarantined” prior to going through the recycling process.

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