SIM Management​

Everything you need to know about SIM cards

Are the SIM cards customisable?

Transatel enables the service provider to custom the following electrical profiles of the SIM cards :
·       SPN: Service Provider Name
·       PIN code status: activated/deactivated
·       PIN code value: predefined value

What if I want to have several SPNs?

Transatel enables the service provider to have a Multi-SPN option that permits the display of different SPN depending on a predefined list. This will allow the service provider to manage multiple brands under a single MVNO.

What are the available SIM cards formats?

Transatel SIM cards are provided in a triple-cut format (2FF/3FF/4FF) and display the following information :
·       The SIM card serial number (ICCID) “1234567891012131415” as in the example below
·       Bar code, which corresponds to the ICCID number

Can I customise the look of my SIM card?

Yes, the service provider can request to have the SIM cards printed with an artwork file following specific formatting.

The SIM card doesn’t work?

This could be due to several reasons, or more:
·       The handset may be locked to another network
·       The activation process has not been sent or is ongoing (the service status of the SIM can be checked in the SIM management portal)
·       Subscribers may need to reset the network/carrier settings in their handset
·       The handset itself may be faulty (subscribers should test the SIM in a different handset)
·       The subscriber may be in an area with poor coverage

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