What are the different types of SIM? (Sales/Swap)

Sales SIM

A sales SIM is a SIM that is ready for sale.

It will be in the “Available” state when it is delivered from Transatel, and is ready to be preactivated (PAYG offer) or activated via API or the Auriga interface before it can be used by a subscriber.

They have national UK telecoms resources attached to it, including:
·        ICCID: unique serial number of the SIM card
·        IMSI: identifier of the SIM on the telecoms network
·        MSISDN: mobile phone number

Swap SIM

A swap SIM is a SIM card used to replace a sales SIM. Unlike the sales SIM, the swap SIM does not have an MSISDN attached to it, so that a user can reclaim their MSISDN.

An existing sales SIM must first be activated (or in the suspended state) before a SIM Swap can be performed.

They may be used for the following circumstances:
·        A SIM (or a handset with the SIM inside) has been lost or stolen
·        The SIM has become damaged (i.e. due to water infiltration or due to wear from being reinserted many times)
·        A fault is suspected on the SIM (rare) and a swap is used to rule out/fix this type of anomaly
·        The SIM size is too big and doesn’t feature a pop-out of the smaller size (i.e. Micro to Nano SIM), or the plastic frame has been lost to increase the size (i.e. from Micro to Mini SIM) according to the handset SIM card tray

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