Network Coverage Selection – Advanced

The Network Coverage control offers you the choice between 2 different network coverages, enabling you to lower your airtime prices in major destinations!

This new option will give you the choice between 2 types of coverages : Premium & Standard

Premium network coverage is the current coverage, with the full list of operators available, and at the current prices.
This is the option selected by default, and if you leave it as is, everything will continue with no service nor price change.   

But if you select “Standard network coverage”, your SIMs will now have access to the same number of covered countries, with a slightly reduced list of operators and a lower price per use – in some of the countries where we offer multi-operator coverage.

Note: the Standard Network Prices will only apply to SIMs using the IoT Connect Advanced Low Usage & High Usage Pay per Use rate plans. If you have a custom rate plan, the prices will not be discounted if you select Standard Network Coverage.

For the launch, the change will apply to the following destinations, with the new prices as shared by your Account Manager:

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