SIM Statuses

Main statuses
Available    The SIM is available to be activated and used by the customer
New SIMs are shipped in Available status. They must be activated to be used. Monthly line fees are not charged for Available SIMs

Pre-activated   Ready to be activated. The SIM will activate when first used.

Active   The SIM is active

Suspended by the provider  Active SIM being suspended by the provider = non-activity mode
A user suspended the SIM in the interface or via API.
You can unsuspend it immediately. You have to contact your Account Manager to get it reactivated

Suspended    Active SIM being suspended by the customer on Auriga or via API= non-activity mode
You can reactivate it immediately

Terminated    the SIM has been terminated and can’t be used anymore.
Scraped    The SIM has been scraped and doesn’t exist anymore.

IoT Specific statuses

Test mode  Test mode is an option that gives the SIM a quota of data & SMS to be used for a specific period of time before becoming active. While in test mode, the monthly line fee is not charged. Once
a quota is reached, the SIM
automatically switches to the next status.

Sleep mode   (also called Holiday Tariff)
Sleep mode is an option that enables you to pause a SIM’s subscription for a limited length of time.
During this period, the line fee is not charged. If you have a commitment for your SIM, the period spent in sleep mode will extend the commitment period.

MVNO Specific statuses
Loaded  Prepaid subscriptions

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