Plans & Bundles

Understanding Capped bundles

If your offer uses capped bundles, this article will explain how they work.
Please check this article to learn how to add them to your fleet’s SIMs.

Your offer gives you access to a catalogue of bundles, that can be added to a specific SIM’s inventory.

They are defined by:
– An allowance – ex: 1 GB
– A geographic area – ex: France
– A duration – ex: 30 days

There are 3 main types of bundles:
One-off bundles : only valid for the original duration
Recurring bundles with a fixed number of renewals – for example a bundle renewed every 30 days for 12 consecutive periods.
Recurring bundles with no fixed number of renewals: the bundle is renewed at the specific frequency, until the bundle is removed, or credit has run out.

Once a bundle has expired, has no more allowance, or if the SIM is outside of the geographic area, the SIM will not be able to make any traffic until additional allowance becomes available.
If you cannot wait until a recurring bundle’s renewal, you can always add a one-off bundle to keep using data until the anniversary renewal date.

Bundles do not work with calendar days, they renew based on their own anniversary date. This means you get the full allowance for the period even if the bundle is added/activated mid-month, and it will not renew at the end of the month, but on its anniversary date.

Bundles can be stacked: you can have many different or identical bundles on a same SIM. If multiple bundles cover the same location (ex: a SIM with two “Europe” bundles), the system will use allowance from the bundle that was added first.

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