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[IoT] Adding a capped bundle to a SIM

Capped bundles can be added to a SIM card:
– during the preactivation (done by Transatel), by preloading the plan on the SIM so it is ready to use when inserted in a device.
– when the SIM has been activated, by adding a plan in the interface (or via API request)

How to add a bundle to your SIM card?

Capped bundles are managed in the interface, in the SIM’s page.
To add a bundle, the SIM must be already active or preactivated (Adding a bundle to a preactivated SIM will automatically activate it).
In the SIM’s page, go to the “Plans and options” tab

If your SIM has no bundle currently, you will the following: 2 “add” buttons, one giving access to the catalogue of one-off bundles, the second to add recurring bundles.

Click on Add for the type of bundle you wish to add, and the catalogue of your offer will be displayed

Now follow these steps:
– Select a payment method (based on the choices available to your offer)
– Select the bundle in the list
– click on “apply”
That’s it!

Based on your offer, the price of the bundle will be added to your monthly invoice, or taken from your ongoing credit.

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