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Understanding Pooled Bundles

If your contractual offer contains Pooled Bundles, this article will explain how they work.
Please check this article to learn how to use them for your SIM fleet

How do pooled bundles work?
– Each new SIM added to the pool “brings” more data to the total pool
Ex: 4 SIMs on a 1GB pool means a global data pool of 4GB, and adding another SIM will bring the pool to 5GB

Pooled bundles are linked to the monthly billing cycle :
When you first activate a SIM, the quota of data is prorated – so a SIM first activated mid-month will bring about half of its quota to the pool.
Also, if you switch a SIM to a pooled bundle in the middle of the month, the change will be applied the 1st of the following month, like all rate plan changes.

– Our Pooled bundles are determined by a geographic area, and by the volume of data added to the pool by each SIM 
– With this system, the peak consumptions of a fleet of SIMs with similar usage can be averaged: a few SIMs can use less data, and a few SIMs can use a little more.
– This pricing model is recommended only if your SIMs have similar data usage. With irregular usages, one SIM might use all the pool data and cause the rest of the fleet to be consuming out-of-bundle

How to use Pooled Bundles for your fleet?
– Each Pooled Bundle is in fact a specific Rate Plan.

– Upon request (at the service’s launch or later in your contract), your account manager will add the Rate Plans corresponding to the Pooled Bundle to your account. 

– You will then be able to select this Rate Plan when creating a Service Profile

Click here to learn how to create Service Profiles and apply them to your SIMs.

Please note that Pooled bundles are not capped
If your SIMs consume more than the whole pool, or are connected outside of the pool’s geographic area, they will still be able to use data.
Above and out of zone traffic will be billed at the as per the Pay per Use rates of your offer.

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