Managing Groups

Adding multiple SIMs to a group

Adding multiple SIMs to a group can be done from 2 menus in All Assets:
– From the “Other actions in bulk menu
– From the “Groups” menu

Please remember that the group must be created before trying to add SIMs to it.
This article explains how to create a group.

From the Other Actions in bulk menu
– Go to the menu and select “Transfer to group” and click “Next

– Select the SIMs in the next window, don’t hesitate to use the filter panel if you need to, and click “next”
– Now you can select the group in the list, and click “Next
– Click on “Transfer to Group

From the Group menu
– In the Group menu, click on the “+” icon next to the right group

– In the next window, select the SIMs that you wish to add to the group
– Finally, click on “Transfer to a group”

That’s it!

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