Managing Groups

Adding a SIM to a group

To be able to transfer SIMs to a group, you need to create the group first.
To learn how to manage and create groups, check out this article first.

Please remember that SIMs can only be part of one group. So if your SIM is already in a group, adding it to a new group will remove it from the old one it was part of.
Adding a SIM to a group can be done from the Group menu, or directly from the SIM’s detailed page.
We will detail both ways:

How to add one or multiple SIMs to a group from the Group menu
Go to the Group menu (All Assets > Groups), and click on the “+” icon next of the right group

This will launch the step by step guide, and you’ll be taken to the list of SIMs, where you can select the SIM you want to add to the group.
Select your SIM and click on “Transfer to a group”.

How to transfer one single SIM to a group from the SIM’s page
You can perform this action directly from the SIM’s page by selecting the group in the Line/Subscriber tab :

Just select the group in the drop-down list, then click “Apply

Alternatively, you can also do it by using the “Other actions” button and click on “Transfer to group
And then select the group in the modal window and click “Apply

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