Managing Groups

Removing SIMs from a group

Removing a SIM from a group can be done:
– By transferring the SIM to another group (it will automatically be removed from the old one and added to the new one) – This article will explain how to add the SIM to a group
– Or you can just remove it from its current group

Removing a single SIM from a group
To remove the SIM from a group, go to the SIMs’ page, and click on the other actions button.

Then select “leave group”, and click confirm in the pop up

How to remove multiple SIMs from a group
To perform the action in bulk on multiple SIMs, go to All Assets > Other actions in bulk

In the next window, select “Leave Group” and click on “Next

You can then select the SIMs using the filters from the filter panel if needed.
Once you have selected the SIMs, click on “Leave Group”

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