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Managing Mobile Number Portability in Belgium

General terms to understand:

MNP – Mobile Number Portability: The process that allows a subscriber to keep their mobile number when they change service providers.

CRDC – Common Reference Database Centre: Central management system for mobile and fixed line portability in Belgium. Provides a public site to find out the current operator of a mobile or fixed line.

MSISDN: a unique mobile number attached to each SIM card.

Donor: Operator hosting the MSISDN at the beginning of a portability process.

Recipient: Operator initiating the portability request to host a MSISDN from another operator.

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What is the portability process in Belgium?

It is a 3-step process: eligibility request, execution, and diffusion.

An operator may request to port mobile numbers by sending an MNP request message to the operator currently servicing the mobile number. If the request is found valid by the main porting provider, CRDC, the MNP request can then be validated by the operator servicing the number so that the portability can be completed.

What do I have to do as an MVNO?

When a new subscriber wants to move to your services, you must apply for portability with Transatel. The information required for portability is the Sim Serial or the Customer Account.

The portability will be eligible if:
– The subscriber is active when the portability is done
– There is no other portability on the Transatel line and on the number.

Once the eligibility is validated, the portability will be executed. The portability MSISDN is completed on the donor side and is now used on the recipient side.

How to cancel a portability request?

If the subscriber wants to cancel his portability request, you can make the request directly to Transatel.

The cancellation can only be done during the eligibility period. The MVNO will then be notified by Transatel when the cancellation of the portability is done.

What if my subscriber wants to take his number with him to another operator?

Transatel will send you a notification once the outgoing portability is executed.

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