Mobile Number Portability

Number Portability: everything you need to know

What is mobile number portability?

An end user may want to change network operator, keeping their mobile number. This process is called a portability.
It is reserved to customers with human users only, IoT subscribers are not concerned.
A portability involves different actors, here is the description of the main ones:
–          End user : Subscriber which request a switch from an operator to another
–          Donor : Operator hosting the MSISDN at the beginning of a portability process
–          Receiver : Operator initiating the portability request in order to host a MSISDN from another operator
–          Portability system : In each country, a central organization is in charge of managing the relationship between the donor and the receiver

What is the portability process?

A portability is split in 2 steps:

There are two types of portability:

–          Portability IN : The user wants to move from a donor operator to you as a Transatel customer keeping his existing MSISDN.

–          Portability OUT : The user wants to move from you as Transatel customer to a receiver operator keeping their existing MSISDN.

What to do next?

The portability process is different in each country. For more details, you can consult the documentation associated with the right country:
–          Belgium
–          France
–          United Kingdom

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