The detailed invoice file

Each month, our Billing generates 2 specific files enabling customers to process their monthly invoice:
– the generic invoice, in PDF format
– the detailed invoice file, in CSV format

Both files are deposited on your dedicated SFTP account, in the “Invoices” folder.
This article will explain in detail how the detailed invoice file is built.
For information on the PDF invoice file, please check this article.

The “Transatel Bill Details” report is a csv file.
Each batch file has a unique name per the following specification:

• TransatelBillDetails: is a literal value that identifies this file type. This does not
• xxxxxxxx: Transatel reference number for Customer (CustomerNumber). 8 digits. This does not change.
• YYYYMM is the Data-Time stamp of the Bill Cycle concerned by the file.

The detailed invoice file is also used as reference data for the Billing Reports in the “Analytics Reports” menu.

How is the file built

The file lists all the charges that occurred during a given month, at subscriber level.
There are 2 “types” of Subscriber:
– the “account” subscriber, to which all account level charges are related (account fees, option fees…)
This account subscriber has the number xxxxxxx.0000000 -where “xxxxxx” is your Customer Number.
– “line” subscriber, each SIM/line has a dedicated number.

Charge categories

The charge categories are as follows:

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