Devices Set up & Troubleshooting

Configuring your device for our IoT SIM cards

You have just received your brand new SIM cards and wish to set up your device to get started?
It’s fast and simple.

First, check the status of the SIM card to be sure that it is ready to be used.

With most if our offers, new SIM are shipped while in “available” status, and must be activated before they can be used.
In some other offers, like Service Provider Connect, the SIMs are preactivated and can be used immediately.
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Now let’s set up the device

If you are using consumer device under iOS, Android or Windows, the OS should apply the settings automatically.

If not, or for industrial devices, proceed as follows:

1. Allow roaming connectivity
2. Set APN (Access Point Name) settings:
Enter our generic APN ‘mobiledata’ (or your private APN if included
in your offer)
Leave the login and password fields empty

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