Activate or change SIM status

Activating a single SIM card

This page explains how to activate a single SIM card in Auriga.
To activate multiple SIM cards, please read this article on bulk activations.

To be activated, a SIM card must be in available or preactivated status.

To activate a single SIM card, follow these steps :

1. Find the SIM you want to activate, by either
– Choose a SIM from the list of your Available stock

– Type the MSISDN or ICCID directly into the search bar

2. On the SIM card’s page and click on the Activate button at the top right of the screen

3. Select the Service Profile to apply to the SIM

4 & 5. (Optional Steps) Add a reference, line & subscriber details, and add the SIM to a group
The next steps are optional – at this point you can already activate the SIM.
But if you wish, you can go through the last steps, where you can enter a reference, add the SIM to a group, and add line details.

6. Porting In (optional)
If the subscriber would like to bring their old number with them, you can now enter porting information.
You can also chose to port a number onto this SIM at a later date.
More information on number portability can be found on the Managing Mobile Number Portability in the UK page

You can now launch the activation order.
SIM card activations typically take between 5-30 minutes, but could take up to 2 hours depending on the number of activations being processed.

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