Service profiles​

What is a Service Profile?

A Service Profile is a configuration that will be applied to your SIMs to:
– Define the Service Pack & Rate Plan to be used
– Allow or deny certain types of usages, select services…

For IoT customers, to activate a SIM card, you must select a Service Profile – but you can change the Profile during the SIM’s lifecycle.

All you must know regarding the modification Service Profiles, Rate plans or options:
• You can change the connectivity services of the Service Profile anytime, and it will apply to all the SIMs using this profile (ie: allow or bar SMS… )
• The rate plan and Service Pack of a Service Profile cannot be changed. If you want to change the rate plan or Service Pack of your SIM, you must apply another Service Profile
• When switching a SIM card to a Service Profile with a different Rate Plan, the connectivity settings and options of the new Profile will be applied immediately (ie data enabled, SMS disabled), but the rate plan change will only be effective the following month

Where are the Service Profiles in the interface?

To create or modify a Service Profile,
Go to Catalogue > Service Profile

All your existing Service Profiles will be displayed there, and you have the button to create new ones.
How to create a Service Profile

To check the Service Profile applied to a SIM
Go to the SIM’s page and check the “Configured Services” tab:

You can manually modify the services, or decide to apply another Service Profile to the SIM from this menu.

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