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Near Real Time Call Detail Records (NRT CDRs)

NRT CDRs are one of the two types of CDRs generated by Transatel.
Generated every few minutes by our Real Time Engine (OCS). They are not rated with wholesale charges and therefore contain the fastest data available.

Please check with your Account Manager as to the availability of NRT CDRs and their frequency for your offer.

Where can they be consulted?

– If your offer includes NRT CDRs, they are be deposited on your Transatel SFTP directory.
– In our SIM Management Platform, they’re displayed in the Usage tabs of a SIM’s detailed view in table and histogram format

What do they contain?

The NRT CDRs provide very detailed fields, without rating information, including session details such as the cell ID (useful for geolocation services) or the device’s IP.

How are they split?

NRT CDRs are split between types of usage. You will find only usage of each specific type in the NRT CDR files:
– Data
– Voice
– Premium

What is the technical specification for each of the fields?

Download the Excel file with the technical specification for each file (split per traffic type) here:

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