Raising a ticket for SIM Swap queries

If you are experiencing a problem with a particular SIM following a SIM Swap procedure, you can use the Service Desk to raise a ticket so that our support teams can investigate.
To make sure that Support have all of the information required and don’t need to come back to ask if you have performed all of the initial checks, we ask you to complete the template below.

SIM Swaps template

– MVNO Fault Reference Number:
– Full description of the issue:
– Which Channel was issue received through (Customer portal/Partner Portal/ Internal CRM)  :
– What action was being attempted at time the first error was received:
– Steps already taken to resolve by Plan/Customer/Partner:
– Mobile number required to be active:
– SSN required to be active :
– Services being added/removed/changed:
– Time/date of first submission that errored :
– Copy of Service order submitted:
– Copy error received:
– Number of times attempted:
– Other MSISDN’s involved:
– Other SSN’s Involved:

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